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Hurricane #2 - August 26, 1924

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A storm which seemed to have its origins east of the Lesser Antilles around August 16th moved northwestward passing over the Virgin Islands and just east of Puerto Rico on the 19th as a tropical storm, but with heavy rains being the main impacts at those locations. From there it continued northwest and strengthened into a hurricane east of the Bahamas. On August 23, the storm began moving slowly westward towards the central Florida coast in response to weak high pressure moving off of the US east coast north of the hurricane. Ships north of the Bahamas reported hurricane force winds and barometric pressures around 28.70 inches (972 millibars) on August 24th. On August 24 a large trough of low pressure moved into much of the eastern US, turning the winds along the coast to the south and quickly turning the hurricane and accelerating it rapidly toward the north-northeast. At around 9pm on the 25th the hurricane passed just east of Cape Hatteras at which time a nearby ship reported a pressure of 28.67 inches (971 millibars). As the storm passed, Cape Hatteras reported NW winds of 72mph. From there it continued moving NNE and passed just east of Nantucket shortly after noon on August 26. It continued NNE from there, completing a transition to an extratropical storm over the Gulf of Maine shortly before impacting Nova Scotia and ultimately Newfoundland.

Damage to ships and some injuries to passengers were reported near the path of the hurricane off of the south and middle Atlantic coasts, although fairly light damage was reported at coastal locations in the mid Atlantic. Farther to the north, significant damage was recorded along coastal and some inland areas of Rhode Island, including sunken vessels and damage to beachfront cottages.

Some wind and rain reports for the hurricane are listed in the tables below:

Block Island, RI 78 mph N 8/26
Atlantic City, NJ 72 mph N 8/26
Cape Henry, VA 68 mph N 8/26
Nantucket, MA 60 mph NW 8/26
Sandy Hook, NJ 58 mph N 8/26
Providence, RI 50 mph N 8/26
Norfolk, VA 50 mph N 8/26
New Haven, CT 44 mph NE 8/26
Boston, MA 44 mph N 8/26
Trenton, NJ 38 mph N 8/26
Philadelphia, PA 32 mph NE 8/26
Cape Hatteras, NC 74 mph NW 8/25

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