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Then and Now: Winter and Summer 2004

The winter of 2003-4 was colder and snowier than usual and made for some interesting photography of the winter landscape on the north shore of Long Island. Whether the winter is harsh or mild, the changes of the seasons are inevitable. This summer has been cooler than normal so far, but there has been no shortage of great days for outdoor activity. The following short collection of images contrasts the icy landscape from last winter with scenes at the same locations this July. The first 4 photos are from Short Beach on central Long Island's north shore and the last is centered around a small group of rocks at the Smithtown Landing golf course. Click any of the images to view a high resolution version. Long live the seasons!

The deep drifts from last February...
Snowdrifts at Short Beach, Smithtown 1/27/04
...are long gone
Playground at Short Beach, Smithtown 7/10/04
The walkway to the beach...
Winter at Short Beach, Smithtown 1/27/04 a little easier to negotiate
Summer at Short Beach, Smithtown 7/10/04
The ice has melted to...
Glacial Boulder in Smithtown Bay Ice 1/27/04
...reveal a placid cove
Glacial Boulder in Smithtown Bay 7/10/04
Where sea ice clogged Smithtown Bay...
Sea Ice on Smithtown Bay 1/27/04
...a small boat rests on a hazy summer evening
Hazy summer evening on Smithtown Bay 7/10/04
And the snowcover that reached a depth of 17 inches on January 28th...
Smithtown Landing Country Club 1/27/04 forgotten on another fine July weekend
Smithtown Landing Country Club 7/10/04