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Sea Ice on Long Island Sound, February 1, 2004

Superbowl Sunday 2004 on Long Island featured dry air and a beautiful deep blue sky, a perfect day for a walk on the beach. The walk revealed an unusual amount of sea ice lining the edges of Long Island Sound in the Smithtown Bay area.

The following images were taken on February 1, 2004 at various locations around Short Beach, which is located on the east side of the mouth of the Nissequogue River. Included are views of the Sound, the beach itself, and several images taken on the river side of the Smithtown park at Short Beach. Click any of the thumbnails to view a higher resolution image.

Sea ice on Long island Sound.  Looking West toward the stacks at the Northport power plant Sea ice on Long Island Sound, February 1, 2004 Wind blown snow creates interesting patterns around a small catamaran, Short Beach, NY Ice and snow choke the Nissequogue River looking toward north Smithtown No swimming today; Snow drifts at Short Beach, Town of Smithtown, New York
Sea ice on Long Island Sound - Looking north to the Connecticut coast Snowfencing, drifts and shadows make for a fascinating winter scene at the playground at Short Beach Ice-choked Nissequogue River looking south from a dune at Short Beach Ice flowing at the mouth of the Nissequogue River; looking towards the Smithtown town dock at the Bluffs Salt-ice piled high where the Nissequogue River meets the Long Island Sound
Is it Long Island...or Labrador?  Ice piled onshore at the mouth of the Nissequogue River Looking across the sea ice on Smithtown Bay toward Old Field and Crane Neck Point.  Port Jeff ferry is on the horizon heading northwest toward Bridgeport Sea ice on Smithtown Bay at Short Beach, NY, February 2004 Large glacial erratics surrounded by ice, Smithtown Bay Shed buried in snow drifts at base of a bluff, Short Beach. NY
Looking west past large boulder surrounded by sea ice at Short Beach Deep snow drifts surround the playground at Short Beach Looking northeast across Smithtown Bay Frozen coastline at Short Beach Sea ice on Long Island Sound.  Looking northwest toward the Connecticut coast from Smithtown, New York